THE LAST BIG CALL FOR H2020 IS STILL OPEN: the European Green Deal Call!

María Moreno December 15, 2020

There are twenty topics that are going to finance, with more than 1,000 million euros, projects related to the European Green Deal.

European Green Deal

Among them, there are three calls aimed specifically at empowering citizens to participate in building a more sustainable and climate-neutral Europe, through associations of all kinds (social, patient, professional ...)

European Green Deal

Nobody doubts today about the impact that climate change has on citizens' health. And that it is necessary to make a series of consensual changes in our common behaviour to curb the negative effects of global warming.

That is why, if you are part of an organisation that represents civil society, there are three topics in Area 10: "Empowering citizens for the transition towards a climate-neutral, sustainable Europe" that are of interest to you.

The deadline is January 26th.

The deadline is January 26th, you can still join an ongoing proposal if you are not already participating in one.

Here is the information brochure.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our support for your participation!

Take care of yourselves

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